European Parliament breakfast meeting on the Proportionality Directive





On the initiative of the FIP-IFP a dialogue was organised in Brussels with European Associations representing Health Professionals. The aim is to create an informal platform to discuss issues of common interest related to European Affairs. This first meeting was attended by 7 associations. A great success!




All FIP-IFP European member associations are kindly asked to fill in the survey around the scope of work of a podiatrist in his country. The answers will help the ECP Board in preparing the CTF.  It will only take 3 minutes of your time, promise :-). Click here to access the survey.




Upcoming European events 

9 - 10 October | ESCO Conference Read more
18 October | Economics trumping health? Eu proportionality test for health professions.  Read More
17-18 November | Joint board meeting ECP & ENPODHE


Peter Boelens and Caroline Teugels joined the meeting of the SME Group at the European Parliament  on September 5th, 2017. Andreas SCHWAB MEP and IMCO coordinator (EPP; see picture), Rapporteur on the proposal for a Directive on a Proportionality test reiterate his suggestion to exclude health professions from the directive.

Unfortunately Martin FROHN, Head of Unit "Professional Qualifications and Skills”, DG GROW, European Commission doesn’t follow this point of view and sees no reasonable argument for the exclusion.  The FIP-IFP has send a position statement to DG GROW reiterating the reasons why health professionals and in particular Podiatrists should be excluded from this Directive. The ECP closely follows this dossier.




What's on the European agenda? 

1. Information and Communication Technology for health and wellbeing (eHealth) is becoming increasingly important to deliver top-quality care to European citizens. The 'eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020' of the European Commission describes the actions foreseen on this topic. More information:
2. ESCO is the multilingual classification of European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations. ESCO is part of the Europe 2020 strategy. The European Commission organises a 2 day event to join the launch of ESCO In October. The FIP-IFP will attend this meeting:
3. Court of Justice of the European Union ruled in May 2017 on a case of a Belgian dentist that advertised his dental care services. The Court decided that a general and absolute prohibition of any advertising for the provision of oral and dental care services is incompatible with EU law. Read More


The ECP (European Council of Podiatrists) is a committee of the International Federation of Podiatrists - Fédération Internationale des Podologues. This newsletter is intented to inform the FIP-IFP European Members on what is happening on the European scene. 

ECP Chair :  Carles Verges Salas (ES)
ECP member : Peter Boelens (NL)
ECP member : Mieke Fransen (BE)
ECP member : Serge Coimbra (FR
ECP - FIP-IFP Board Liaison : Christian Jérôme (FR) 

FIP-IFP Executive Director: Caroline Teugels

The European Council of Podiatrists (ECP) is responsible for promoting the interests and general awareness of the podiatry profession to the European Commission, Parliament, and Council. 

It provides a forum for podiatry organizations to discuss issues and establish policies relating to proposals and EU Directives that may affect the education and practice of the European podiatrist.