Common Training Framework

The CTF in Podiatry is the big topic on the ECP's agenda.  

EU Member States can decide on a common set of knowledge, skills and competences that are needed to pursue a given profession. Professionals who have gained their qualifications under such a common training framework will be able to have their qualification recognised automatically, without further compensation measures, in all participating countries. The ECP, together with Enpodhe, is preparing a first framework and will discuss it at their joint meeting in November 2017. 

Mieke Fransen from Belgium has been nominated to join the ECP as a member.

What's on the European agenda? 

1. From 1 July 2017 until the end of the year, Estonia will be President of the EU council. Supporting digital innovation in healthcare will be one of its priorities.
2. The European Commission launched a public consultation to define the need and scope of policy measures that will promote digital innovation in improving people’s health, and address systemic challenges to healthcare systems. We urge all members to read about this. 
3. The Data protection rules have been reformed and the General Data Protection Regulation will enter into force on the 25 of May 2018. It affects anyone in the EU who controls data and/or undertakes data processing, including in the healthcare sector. What is important to highlight is that data concerning health will be subject to a higher standard of protection than personal data in general. Prepare yourself.
From left to right: Serge Coimbra, Carles Verges and Peter Boelens.

The ECP held its meeting on the 5th of May before the FIP-IFP Annual General meeting. The ECP meeting gives the opportunity to present the work done and set the focus areas for the upcoming year. The CTF will definitely take a lot of attention in 2017. At the meeting Dr. Carles Salas Verges from Spain received the trust from his peers to chair the ECP committee for the next two years.
On 10 January 2017 the European Commission proposed a Directive on a proportionality test to clarify how Member States should undertake a proportionality test before adopting or modifying any national rule on professional services. The ECP has sent a press release to the European Commission and the FIP-IFP members for further distribution, stressing that the purpose of regulation of health professions is to ensure safe and effective care to patients, and calling on the EU to exclude health professions from harmonised EU proportionality tests. The draft directive hasn't been adopted yet and goes its way through the parliament. There is still time to react. The ECP members are called to get in touch with their local MEP's to further push to exclude podiatrists from the proportionality tests directive. The rapporteur from the commission has taken this advise in his report. No date has been set yet for adoption in plenary.
The ECP Board met on July 7th to discuss the next steps in establishing a CTF. This is the preliminary agenda:
July 2017-November 2017
Prepare a professional snapshot on the podiatry profession and a research protocol on education and the value of podiatry.
November 2017
ECP and Enpodhe Board meeting to establish timetable, content and taxonomy of the CTF. 
January 2018
Meeting in Brussels on the Common Training Framework in podiatry in collaboration with ENPODHE, the European Commission and other European Professional health associations.
May 2018
Propose a first draft of the CTF at the ECP meeting during the FIP-IFP Annual General Meeting.