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Diabetic Foot Awareness Week
8-14 November



At the sole of every bare foot,

there is a diabetic foot ulcer to be avoided.

On the occasion of this year’s World Diabetes Day, D-Foot International will organise the Global Diabetic Foot Awareness Week from 8 to 14 November

Various initiatives will raise awareness of the importance of the appropriate management of diabetic foot problems and promote the work of diabetic foot specialists around the world.

Activities during the Global Diabetic Foot Awareness Week will include:

Regional webinar programme

Under the leadership of the D-Foot Regional Chairs, each of the 7 Regions will invite anyone taking an interest in the topic of the diabetic foot to attend one of more webinars to be broadcast on various days during the Awareness Week. Registration and attendance are free.

On 14 November, two additional, global webinars will be offered. Professor Michael Edmonds will speak on ”Ending avoidable lower-limb amputations: the role of the multidisciplinary diabetic foot clinic” and Dr Lee C Rogers on ”Diabetes and COVID feet”.

All regional and global webinar presentations can be viewed live on the day and will remain available for later viewing afterwards.

Details of all programmes are available on the D-Foot website.

Webinar schedule

The advertised times below are Central European Time (CET)

Europe (EUR)    13 November    18.00 CET   https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_jHWo5emuQFO68aOdZkpT2w

D-Foot International    14 November    12.00 CET   https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_aCczzhMeTZij-wj6YEeAOg

You are invited to attend one or more webinars and promote the webinars widely by communicating the registration links to your network. Registration is free.

Info cards

In collaboration with the IWGDF Guidelines, D-Foot International developed a series of diabetic foot Info Cards to be issued at a rate of one card per month. The first two Info Cards, one on ”How to manage people at risk of diabetic foot ulceration” and another on ”How to classify diabetic foot infection”, will be launched in English and in translations on the occasion of the Diabetic Foot Awareness Week.

D-Foot International Board Commendation Awards and Regional Chairs Nomination Awards

D-Foot has created merit awards to recognise people or teams who have made a special contribution to D-Foot International at the global and regional levels. The first series of merit awards will be conferred on the occasion of the Diabetic Foot Awareness Week.

We look forward to your participation!

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